I have just been reading an alarming report that basically says that what we are feeding our pets is killing them. And I don’t mean pampered pooches that are fed on cream cakes and carried around in handbags…I am talking about our everyday dogs and cats that we feed on the tinned and packet foods that are on the supermarket shelves and that everybody feeds to their pets!


Did you ever see “Super Size Me” where a researcher Morgan Spurlock had nothing but McDonald’s to eat for a whole month? The results on his health, his fitness and his weight were terrible. And this apparently is the same thing that we are doing to our beloved pets, day after day. We feed them “fast food” out of tins and packets rather than the raw meat, bones etc. that would be their natural diet.


My cat eats salad, vegetable soup and pansies if she can get them, but then she’s not normal.


I am now guilt stricken as my previous cat who died 2 years ago, went from being a big beautiful healthy tom in just a few months, to a bag of skin and bones who could barely stand. I never did find out from the vet what exactly was wrong with him but it seemed to me like some sort of cancer or cat aids. He was 15 which is no great age for a cat. Was it because he had always been fed on tinned and packet food? We’re not just talking about cheap food here but also the expensive varieties that are recommended by your vet.


All in all I really don’t know what to do about this. The only “fresh” food my cat will eat (apart from salad) is cooked white fish or prawns and I can’t see me giving her that every day!